Strange but true

Here’s our latest round-up of motorcycle-related oddities. If you have one worthy of inclusion, e-mail

Germany: Rider Michael Gruber is recovering after a nasty accident on his FireBlade. His penis was ripped clean off by his petrol tank when he hit a tree on his bike but amazingly surgeons have managed to replace it with one made from a muscle in his arm! According to Gruber his new " muscle " is fully functional, a claim backed up by his girlfriend!

America: Rap star Sean " P. Diddy " Combs has had his charge of passing a row of stationary traffic illegally on a moped dropped. A Miami judge rejected the charge deciding laws for mopeds are less stringent than big bikes.

A top cop was handed a $1600 bill and a ticket after crashing one of his officers’ new Harley patrol bikes. Ohio’s Allen County Seriff JimHerman, who wasn’t entitled to ride a motorcycle, lost it on loose gravel. He said: " I have to be accountable. "

Italy: Officials in Santa Margherita are considering an application to permit topless petrol pump attendants by an enterprising station owner. According to Mayor Angelo Bottino the officials are concerned about traffic congestion.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff