The trike young mums will like

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A scooter with room for the kids could tap into a new market for motorcycling: young mums.

Nick Graveley’s final-year project in his transport design course at Coventry University is the three-wheeled " Mopod " .

Like BMW’s C1 scooter, safety is paramount but unlike the C1, this machine has room for two children under five years.

It tilts, too, so it steers like a proper bike rather than a Reliant Robin.

The top part of the bike leans over into corners, along with the front wheel, while the two rear wheels remain planted to provide stability.

The front suspension is standard, while the tilting function at the rear operates hydraulically.

There is only a one-third scale model at the moment, but Graveley, 22, is hoping bike firms will pick up on his work and make it a reality.

Graveley added: " It would be strictly a town-bike only, with a top speed of about 50mph.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff