Your 2002 new bike questions answered

We were at the Paris Show on Thursday with many of motorcycling’s big cheeses and asked for your questions about the new bikes of 2002 to put to them.

We had a huge response in a very short time and we’re sorry if yours is one of the questions we didn’t have time to answer.

Many people who e-mailed in received individual replies. Others are listed below.

Don’t worry if yours was missed out. We’re going to hold a live chat session in one of our chat rooms soon to give you the opportunity to put your questions about new bikes to our team of experts.

Look out for details soon. In the meantime, here are some of your questions with the answers we gathered at Paris.

Richard Deal asked if there are any changes to the 2002 Kawasaki ZRX1200 (none as far as Kawasaki are concerned. New colours only). Simon wants to know how much the Hornet 900 will cost in the UK (we think just shy of £6000) and what tyres it will come on and Vangelis Manousakakis wants to know if there could be a new on-off road Suzuki coming using the SV650 engine (a baby V-Strom, perhaps?) (no plans so far).

Terry Linebarger wants to know if French company Midual is at the show (yes it is) and still planning to make bikes (yup, still interested in twins), while Mark Mitchell wants more details on the 600s: Does the new ZX-6R still use carbs (yes it does), does it still have a fuel tap and analogue dials? (we’ve just looked, and it keeps both) Is the CBR600F significantly changed for 2002.(No, only colours are different).

Steve Povey wants to know if there are any changes other than colours for the 2002 RSV Mille R (none, we’re afraid). Chris Raynor wants to know if the new TDM900 is fuel injected (yes it is) and Carlton Macleod wants to know when the FJR1300 is finally going to go on sale in the U.S.

Billy Boucher wants to know what’s changing in the Gixxer line up (just colours, and we’ll publish pics of the new ones as soon as we get them)

A number of people are asking if the ZX-7R is being updated. (Again, we think that is only colours, if anything, and in the light of Kawasaki’s plans to leave WSB, that’s no longer a surprise) and whether or not the V-Strom and GSX1400 will be on sale in the States.

Mark Westlake wants to know the power and price of the Gilera Supersport. (we believe the power should be the same as a GSX-R600, 103bhp at the rear wheel, while it’s price is expected to be around £7500). There have been lots of questions about the TL1000S (which is discontinued for 2002) and the TL1000R. We’re finding out about any changes right now.

Bill Stroup wants to know if Aprilia is coming up with a new smaller capacity V-twin (around 650-750cc).

We aim to fill in more of the gaps very soon..

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff