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Speeder has phone joke:

The man fined a record-breaking £72,000 by police in Finland for breaking the speed limit on his Harley has still got a sense of humour.

Launching a new range of Nokia phones with recorded ringtones rather than beeps, the firm’s vice president Anssi Vanjoki said his had the sound of a bike followed by police sirens.

Means-tested fines meant big-earner Vanjoki got hit by the huge penalty for doing 75kph (46mph) in a 50kph (31mph) zone.

Buy, just don’t ride:

Taiwan’s government is finally allowing bikes over 150cc to be imported – but it’s ruled they can’t be used on the road.

The country has been forced to let big bikes in after joining the World Trade Organisation – but suits in the Ministry of Transport slapped the ban on bigger bikes saying " we don’t want to encourage people to go motorcycling " .

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