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Prince William on an R1? It could happen… he’s passed his bike test on a 125 and is unlikely to want to stop there..

You may have already pulled up alongside him at the lights. The palace has revealed he actually passed his test earlier this year.

There’s some confusion in the mainstream media about exactly what he has passed. Most reports say he has passed a second test after passing a " basic test " two years ago.

We’ve been able to clarify this with the Palace. He did, in fact, take his CBT two years ago (as reported in MCN at the time) and has now taken his full test on a 125. That means he will be restricted to a bike of 33bhp or less for the next two years. When the two years are up he’ll be able to ride any bike of his choice… providing he can get insurance.

Ever since passing his CBT the 19-year-old prince has practised on " A red Kawasaki 125cc bike " at his dad's Highgrove Estate in Gloucestershire.

Prince William passed his car driving test at the first attempt, just a day after his 17th birthday.

Here’s what you’ve been having to saying to welcome our new royal rider. Follow the link, right, to add your comments.

Ncball: " he'll be easy to spot......that's the rider being shadowed by half a dozen BMWs with aerials. Wonder if he'll be touring in the National Parks this summer.

Dodgy haircut: " What bike's he going to get? A Royal Enfield or a duke-ati? Or maybe something expensive, outdated and German in respect to his family.

Lycheed: " Well, if that's not an endorsement for motorcycling I don't know what is. Remember when Concorde was grounded and on it's first return flight Blair made sure he was on it to show support of a national symbol? What's going to happen when he gets caught for speeding? Ah, well, you can go as fast as you like if you have a Police escort, can't you. Who's a lucky boy then. "

Cugel: " Probably a useful skill for him to have. He could be chased in his car by some bad people (drug dealers, or international terrorists, or, hell, maybe someone with a dark visor, loud exhaust and small numberplate) , and then when he crashes and gets out (with just a slight cut above the eye) he grabs a nearby bike, and then using his bike skills learnt passing his test he... makes sure the bike is in neutral, raises the stand, checks his mirrors, indicates, checks his mirrors, does a life saver, engages first gear, checks his mirrors, does a life saver, opens the throttle slowly, does a life saver, starts to release the clutch... and gets shot or something. Life - it's not like in the movies.

alsie54: " Prince Billy. WOT IS THE POINT? You can Imagine wot Charlie boy said to him...There's good news and bad news: GOOD NEWS - You can take your test Billy boy and can have any motorcycle u want, cos the public will pay for it... BAD NEWS - I'm sorry, did I forget to mention to you that you will not be able to take it out any further than the grounds of the house unless u r accompanied by 20 Police Motorcyclists...but I hope you can enjoy yourself my boy... " Did you teach Wills to ride? Were you the examiner on this test? Have you sold him his bike or done any work on one of his? Ever bumped into him on the road? E-mail

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