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Giant quiz answers revealed

Published: 11 February 2002

Our massive Christmas Quiz attracted more than 3000 entries. The closing date for entries has now passed so it is finally safe to reveal all the answers.

See how close you got, or work out how well you think you might have done if you had made the effort. There was no charge for entry and 40 prizes ranging from a Suzuki DR-Z400 to a set of brake pads.

The answers are in bold. Of the 3000-plus entries just 60 people got them all right. The 40 prize winners (drawn from those who did get all the answers correct) have now been contacted with details of their prizes. We’ll be listing them soon.

Don’t despair if you weren’t a winner. There are new competitions both in MCN and online on to enter every week (see the link, right, for the latest).

1 Which of these riders does not have an official road-going replica sports bike?

A) Neil Hodgson

B) Jeremy McWilliams

C) Valentino Rossi

2 How much, to the nearest £100, does the Castrol World Supersport Replica cost?

A) £14,000

B) £17,000

C) £20,000

3 What was the first MCN Video magazine about?

A) Honda

B) 500 GPs

C) Ducati

4 Honda’s V5 GP racer has which cylinder arrangement?

A) Three forward and two back

B) Two forward and three back

C) Five in a line

5 95 RON is the standard for unleaded fuel, but what does RON stand for?

A) Radical Oxygen Nucleus

B) Regular Oleaginous Nitrogen

C) Research Octane Number

6 Road tax for 400cc bikes currently costs how much?

A) £45

B) £55

C) £65

7 Where in Belgium did Chris Walker compete in a supermoto race this year?

A) Spa

B) Brugges

C) Mettet

8 Who was the only non-Ducati winner of a British Superbike race this year?

A) James Haydon

B) Michael Rutter

C) Sean Emmett

9 How many Blue Marlins has Aprilia said it will make?

A) 200

B) 500

C) 5000

10 Laverda’s Formula 750 model has how many cylinders?

A) Two

B) Three

C) Four

11 Who makes Neil Hodgson replica helmets?

A) Arai


C) Suomy

12 Which venue hosted a one-off ride from three-times former British Superbike champ Niall Mackenzie?

A) Oulton Park

B) Knockhill

C) Donington Park

13 Which famous American stunt riders will be at March’s Scottish Motorcycle Show?

A) Sons of Knievel

B) Stunt Boys

C) Starboyz

14 Who won the last ever British 250 race at Donington in October?

A) Adrian Coates

B) Darren Barton

C) Shane Norval

15 What does Tuono, the name of the new naked Aprilia, mean in English?

A) Single-seater

B) Twin-cylinder

C) Thunder

16 How many pole positions did Steve Hislop take during 2001?

A) Five

B) Seven

C) Nine

17 How many GPs has Valentino Rossi won?

A) 33

B) 37

C) 39

18 Which rider won the opening round of the British Supersport series this year, only to be disqualified?

A) John McGuinness

B) Chris Vermeulen

C) Kirk McCarthy

19 Shane Byrne dominated the 2001 Superbike Privateer Cup, but what type of bike was he riding?

A) Yamaha R7

B) Suzuki GSX-R750

C) Honda VTR SP-1

20 When was the Honda

FireBlade launched?

A) 1992

B) 1999

C) 1990

21 James Haydon suffered a qualifying crash at a BSB round so spectacular that it was shown around the world. At what track?

A) Cadwell Park

B) Silverstone

C) Rockingham

22 Who was the actor who jumped a wire fence in The Great Escape?

A) Sylvester Stallone

B) Steve McQueen

C) Paul Newman

23 Who netted the most Superpoles in WSB this year?

A) Troy Corser

B) Neil Hodgson

C) Troy Bayliss

24 How many races did Troy Bayliss win on his way to the 2001 WSB world title?

A) Five

B) Six

C) Seven

25 Who became only the sixth rider ever to win a WSB race as well as a GP?

A) Peter Goddard

B) Regis Laconi

C) Troy Corser

26 Which bike did Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse buy?

A) MV Agusta F4

B) Benelli Tornado

C) Kawasaki GPz500

27 Who became the youngest rider to win a British championship road race this year?

A) Casey Stoner

B) Chaz Davies

C) Leon Camier

28 This year saw the end of the 500 GP series as we know it, but who was the very first rider to lift the championship crown back in 1949?

A) Geoff Duke

B) Mike Hailwood

C) Les Graham

29 Which bike manufacturer bought a 20 per cent stake in MV Agusta this year?

A) Ducati

B) Hong Leong

C) Piaggio

30 How many GP races had Jeremy McWilliams competed in when he clinched the first GP win of his career at Assen this year?

A) 110

B) 119

C) 121

31 What is the decibel limit for road bikes?

A) 82dB

B) 90dB

C) 100dB

32 Which Scottish bike-riding actor made his name in films like Trainspotting and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace?

A) Sean Connery

B) Ewan McGregor

C) Billy Connolly

33 What bike was Carl Fogarty testing when he crashed and broke his leg earlier this year?

A) Ducati


C) Petronas

34 What year did the resurrected Triumph factory produce its

first model?

A) 1987

B) 1991

C) 1995

35 What is the exact engine capacity of Troy Bayliss’s world

title-winning Ducati?

A) 996

B) 997

C) 998

36 To legally ride without

paying road tax, your bike

must be what age?

A) Pre-1945

B) Pre-1964

C) Pre-1973

37 Valentino Rossi is one of only two riders to win world titles in the 125, 250 and 500 GP classes.

Who is the other?

A) Giacomo Agostini

B) Phil Read

C) Mike Hailwood

38 What engine does Gilera use in its new 600cc sports bike?

A) Suzuki GSX-R600

B) Honda CBR600

C) Kawasaki ZX-6R

39 Arai launched a limited-edition Joey Dunlop replica helmet in his famous colours. What were they?

A) Yellow and black

B) Yellow and red

C) Yellow and blue

40 One eye-catching feature seen on the first Benelli Tornado prototype does not appear on the latest version of the bike.

What is it?

A) Leading link forks

B) Underseat cooling fans

C) Supercharger

41 What is so special about the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, which

won MCN’s Cruiser of the Year?

A) It’s water-cooled

B) It has ram-air

C) It has rim-mounted brakes

42 The National Criminal Intelligence Service estimated what to be the value of UK bike theft every month?

A) £30,000

B) £300,000

C) £3 million

43 Valentino Rossi clinched Honda’s 500th GP win at Suzuka, but who won the firm’s 499th GP?

A) Daijiro Katoh

B) Masao Azuma

C) Tohru Ukawa

44 To be legal, a crash helmet visor must transmit at least how much light?

A) 50 per cent

B) 75 per cent

C) 100 per cent

45 What is the maximum capacity for a WSB triple?

A) 850cc

B) 900cc

C) 1000cc

46 How many championship points did Chris Walker score in 500 GPs last season?

A) Seven

B) Eight

C) Nine

47 Which American cruiser firm is experimenting with a fingerprint-activated ignition?

A) Harley-Davidson

B) Victory

C) Honda

48 How many times did James Haydon crash during races in the 2001 British Superbike season?

A) Three

B) Four

C) Five

49 Britain’s newest race track is called what?

A) Billingham

B) Collington

C) Rockingham

50 Mike Hailwood won a medal for bravery in 1973. Which one?

A) George Medal

B) Victoria Cross

C) Distinguished Flying Cross

51 How many grand prix titles did Giacomo Agostini win?

A) 13

B) 15

C) 17

52 How many people are said to have visited the Isle of Man for the 2001 TT that never was?

A) 15,000

B) 50,000

C) 150,000

53 Which of the following bikes features a single-sided swingarm?

A) Suzuki V-Strom

B) BMW R1150R

C) Honda CBR600

54 What was the famous cartoon character that former world 500 GP champion Barry Sheene had painted on his helmet?

A) Woody Woodpecker

B) Donald Duck

C) Mickey Mouse

55 Which British helmet brand made a comeback this year?

A) Centurion

B) Everoak

C) Cromwell

56 What does the design of BMW’s round badge represent?

A) A coat button

B) A spinning propeller

C) The setting sun

57 What is the shape of the pistons in Honda’s engineering showpiece, the NR750?

A) Square

B) Oval

C) Round

58 What’s MCN Machine of the Year?

A) Yamaha R1

B) Honda FireBlade

C) Suzuki GSX-R1000

59 What do the letters TT stand for in the Isle of Man TT races?

A) Time Trial

B) Tourist Trophy

C) Top Team

60 What kind of engine configuration is the relaunched Triumph most famous for?

A) Flat twin

B) V-four

C) Triple

61 What make of bikes were featured in the film Mission Impossible II?

A) Honda

B) Triumph

C) Ducati

62 Which of these major manufacturers uses three crossed tuning forks in its badge?

A) Aprilia

B) Yamaha

C) Kawasaki

63 What’s the name of the tight left-hander before the start-finish straight at Donington Park?

A) Craner

B) Goddards

C) Melbourne

64 Harley-Davidson is based in which American city?

A) Detroit

B) Milwaukee

C) San Francisco

65 Which two Japanese bike firms announced a partnership in 2001?

A) Suzuki and Kawasaki

B) Yamaha and Honda

C) Kawasaki and Honda

66 What’s the name given to the distinctive slanted headlight design?

A) Bird’s eye

B) Foxeye

C) Cat’s eye

67 What does a Lamda sensor do?

A) Detects icy roads

B) Detects speed traps

C) Analyses exhaust gases

68 What is unique about the Aprilia four-stroke GP bike’s engine?

A) It has pneumatic valves

B) It has hydraulic valves

C) It has desmodromic valves

69 Which of these road traffic laws applies to pillion passengers?

A) They must hold on to a grabrail

B) Their feet must rest on a set of footrests

C) They must have the same make of helmet as the rider

70 Which British track will host a round of the World Superbike series for the first time next year?

A) Cadwell Park

B) Donington Park

C) Silverstone

71 Who designed Aprilia’s Blue Marlin?

A) Massimo Tamburini

B) Pierre Terblanche

C) Thierry Henriette

72 Which road does Ducati claim inspired its new Multistrada?

A) The Futa Pass

B) The Cat & Fiddle

C) The M6

73 What is the name of Gilera’s new 600cc sports bike that NEC Show-goers drooled over in November?

A) Supersport

B) Supersprint

C) Superdooper

74 Where was the Revival meeting staged where Barry Sheene rode a Manx Norton?

A) Silverstone

B) Beaulieu

C) Goodwood

75 What is the name of Suzuki’s new 1000cc big trailie?

A) V-Storm

B) V-Strom

C) G-String

76 What colour will speed cameras have to be painted in future?

A) Blue

B) Grey

C) Yellow

77 Which bike did Suzuki’s B-King prototype borrow its engine from?

A) TL1000

B) Hayabusa

C) Burgman 250

78 What was the name of the legendary designer of Ducati’s Desmodromic engines, who died this year?

A) Fabio Taglioni

B) Bruno Cavalieri Ducati

C) Alvar Milling

79 Which major city in this country is home to the National Motorcycle Museum?

A) Leeds

B) Coventry

C) Birmingham

80 What configuration is Suzuki’s new GP four-stroke?

A) In-line four

B) V5

C) V4

81 Troy Bayliss’ Ducati was painted silver for the Imola WSB round to mark Paul Smart’s win in the Imola 200 on a Ducati 750SS. What year did he achieve that win?

A) 1976

B) 1972

C) 1970

82 Which police rule on hand-held radar guns is false?

A) The vehicle recorded must be closer than 200 metres

B) The vehicle must be doing more than 30mph to register

C) There must only be one vehicle in the field of view

83 Honda’s V-Tec system on the VFR800 does what?

A) Alters the valve timing

B) Alters the ram-air pressure

C) Alters the number of valves working

84 Dainese has launched a new material said to be better than leather. What’s it called?

A) D-stretch

B) D-tough

C) D-stone

85 Which famous Formula One car celeb got the ride of his life at the Portuguese GP on the Marlboro Yamaha two-seater?

A) Michael Schumacher

B) Bernie Ecclestone

C) David Coulthard

86 Which manufacturer renamed a bike after the September 11 terrorist attack in the U.S?

A) Husqvarna

B) Borile

C) Sachs

87 What does Carl Fogarty plan to call his new Petronas World Superbike which will appear for the first time during the 2002 season?

A) HP1

B) CF1

C) FP1

88 How many races did Troy Bayliss win on his way to the 2001 World Superbike championship?

A) Five

B) Six

C) Seven

89 For what reason were the Isle of Man TT races cancelled earlier this year?

A) A riders’ strike

B) Foot and mouth

C) Organisers ran out of straw bales

90 Why was the start of the 250 GP at Jerez delayed?

A) Rain

B) A safety car crashed

C) Lights failed

91 How fast is the flying kilometre wheelie speed record?

A) 95mph

B) 110mph

C) 126mph

92 Where did the Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi rivalry erupt, resulting in fisticuffs and a warning from the FIM?

A) Estoril

B) Catalunya

C) Mugello

93 What is the new British land speed record set by Jarrod Frost in July?

A) 216.4mph

B) 220.3mph

C) 222.19mph

94 Which political party famously published a Charter for Motorcycles shortly before a General Election, only to fail to deliver almost every point

A) The Raving Loonies

B) The Labour Party

C) The Conservative Party

95 Why was a Government report

on tinted visors held up?

A) For European elections

B) For testing at night

C) For new British Standards

to become effective

96 Who won the Knockhill British Supersport race this year only to be disqualified when his bike was found to be underweight?

A) Kim Ashkenazi

B) Matt Llewellyn

C) Karl Harris

97 On a Buell Firebolt, where is the fuel kept?

A) Under the seat

B) Under a dummy tank

C) In the frame spars

98 Which rider clinched a world championship this year without winning a single race?

A) Manuel Poggiali

B) Andrew Pitt

C) Troy Bayliss

99 What’s the final drive on a BMW F650 CS?

A) Chain

B) Shaft

C) Belt

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