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Bimota’s new owner says he intends to have the SB8-R superbike back on sale before the end of the year.

Late last year the famous company’s remains were bought up by Italian businessman, Guiseppe della Pietra. He has yet to officially announce he plans for the firm, but sources close to Bimota claim there are as many as 80 SB8Rs left at the factory, and that the bikes will be sold to generate cash-flow for the development of new models.

In the deal, which included all of the contents of the Bimota’s Rimini factory, Della Pietra is also believed to have inherited more than 80 of the failed V-due two-stroke race replicas, as well as all the manufacturing machinery and huge stocks of spares.

While the spares will also be sold, as yet no decision has been made on the future of the V-dues, as the engine problems that plagued the bike when it was new have never been solved.

MCN’s source claims the company has chosen to build a totally new bike rather than put any of the existing models back into production – and the firm may even attempt to build its own engine rather than buy in an existing motor from another company. He said: " Bimota wants to start very limited production of an expensive, exclusive bike next year – aiming for quality rather than quantity. "

Later this year, Bimota is expected to reveal its plans in full, but at the moment the details of the buy-out are still shrouded in secrecy. Della Pietra – an ex-Bimota and Aprilia executive – has not yet revealed the source of his finance or how much money he has access to. However, he is believed to be organising the reborn Bimota on behalf of a wealthy backer rather than funding the firm from his own pocket.

More on this in MCN, published on Wednesday January 23, 2002.

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