Bike Week: Stolen Harley spotted 30 years later

Published: 04 March 2002

If you thought it was just the Mounties who always got their man, it’s time to tip your lid to the persistence of the Volusia County cops.

These are the boys who police Daytona Bike Week, the world’s largest bike gathering. And they always have an eye out for stolen bikes among the many thousands of machines. During this year’s event they spotted a bike in the event’s famous Main Street which had been stolen 30 years ago. Now all they have to do is track down the owner, and they can reunite the two.

Sources in Florida claim the refurbished Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide is worth clost to £10,000. When it was stolen in 1972 it was brand new… and worth around £2000.

Police believe the owner is probably a man who may be in his 80s now.

During last year's Bike Week, more than 50 motorcycles were stolen. Three stolen bikes have already been recovered this year, though 38 have been reported stolen.