Is the Gatso war going too far?

Published: 21 October 2002

In the latest issue of MCN, out October 23, we’ve got an interview with " Captain Gatso " , a biker who claims to lead a popular revolution against speed cameras. His supporters are disabling speed cameras up and down the UK. Are they going too far?

Click on the link on the right to tell us whether you condone or condemn Captain Gatso’s actions.

Captain Gatso’s gang, MAD – Motorists against Detection, says it is responsible for putting 29 cameras on the London North Circular Road out of action and it’s in contact with regional chapters who organise to vandalise cameras countrywide.

He reckons: " We’re fed up with lining the pockets of police forces and councils through stealth taxes.

" We applaud speed cameras sited within built-up and urban areas – but those that are placed obviously to steal money are fair targets for us. "

But with more and more local authorities happy to reveal the locations of their cameras and more and more cameras painted in high-visibility colours do we really need men like Captain Gatso?

Ben Heatley, spokesman for BRAKE, which campaigns for stricter speed controls says: " What he does is very damaging These cameras increase road safety – if Captain Gatso wants to challenge the placement of cameras he should use legal channels and not some petty vandalism crusade. "

What do you reckon? Would you ever disable a camera you thought was just a device for collecting revenue rather than road safety? Click on the link on the right to tell us.