Donington cracks down on noisy pipes

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New rules for Donington Park ‘quiet days’ mean that if you turn up with anything other than a road-legal exhaust you wont get on track.

The move comes after the circuit’s regular six-month review of noise levels where they found that many organisers were not making sure that bikes using their sessions complied with the 98dB noise limit that is enforced on ‘quiet days’. So now everyone must stick to the 80dB road limit.

Robert Fearnall, Chief Executive of Donington Park, explained: ” We review procedures with the council every six months and look at the noise level records. Levels are recorded continuously around the track and logged on to computer so we can clearly see that some organisations are treating the 98dB noise limit as a target rather than as a limit. ”

As a result 100% Bikes has now stopped using the circuit on quiet days and has cancelled all coming sessions that fall under the 98dB rule. They will however carry on using the track on ‘noisy days’ where the limit is increased to a race level 105dB. Customers are being offered a refund or rescheduling to a noisy session.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff