Britain’s worst camera sparks call for clarity

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The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has called for more clarity in accident and speed camera statistics after finding what could be Britain’s worst-placed speed camera.

The site is in a 30mph zone on the edge of Greenfield in North Wales on the A548. The speed camera (pictured right) is hidden from approaching traffic by a bridge and left-hand bend. Even the road markings are hidden from view.

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said: ” The fact that this camera is painted yellow is irrelevant, it could have a flashing neon sign and would still be hidden from view. This is a clear breach of Government speed camera guidelines which state that cameras in a 30mph zone should clearly be visible from 60 metres in both directions. ”

The ABD is asking the Government’s transport secretary Alastair Darling to compel camera partnerships and local authorities to reveal specific statistics within the first few months of 2004. These include accident statistics for three years prior to and following the installation of every camera currently used a more specific accident statistic which separates fatalities from injuries rather than the term ‘killed or seriously injured’. They also want clear causation recorded for every accident and to show clearly what other changes were made in the area during the measured period.

If you are concerned that a speed camera is incorrectly placed, the first place to enquire is the relevant local safety camera partnership. If you do not receive a satisfactory reply, the Department of Transport can be contacted on: 0207-9448300.

Is this Britain’s worst camera? Or do you know of one that is more difficult to spot? If there’s a camera site which makes no sense to you, email with the details and a picture if possible.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff