CCM updates for 2004

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CCM has updated its R30 supermoto and restyled its range of 644cc bikes for 2004.

The main update for the R30 will be in fuel capacity – ditching the tiny 10-litre fuel tank in favour of a slightly more respectable 11.5-litre item. The firm’s 13.5-litre replacement tank will still be available as an option.

The firm has decided to revert to spoked wheels on its supermoto. Since its launch the R30 has come with a three-spoke ‘mag’ wheel but the bike will now sport gold spoked wheels with the mag wheels only available on the R30t special edition track bike.

CCM has also swapped the choice of colours that the R30 comes in. The black bike will remain but the current green and blue options have been dropped in favour of ‘rosso’ red and ’emerald’ green.

The 644 DS Supermoto and DS Trail have both been given a bit of a facelift to bring them in line with the newly launched 404 Dual Sport and Enduro machines. Both now have the 404 headlight and instruments as well as having the graphics updated to reflect the 404 machines. The DS Trail will also ride on the higher spec 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels from the 404.

The list price for all CCM machines will be up slightly for next year. 2004 prices including on-the-road charges will be: 644 DS Trail £5225.00, 644 DS Supermoto £5525, R30 £5725, R30s Limited Edition £5995, R30t Limited Edition £4995, 404 Enduro £5350, 404 DS Trail £5350, 404 DS Supermoto £5650.

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