Free guide to your biking year

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Make 2004 your best biking year ever, packed with unforgettable moments, by picking up your free eight-page guide to the year’s biggest and best events, in MCN, out on Tuesday.

It includes the major bike shows such as the NEC show and the BMF, plus foreign fare such as the Munich Show.

We’ve got the full 2004 race calendar, including guides on getting to the circuits and places to stay. If you’ve never experienced Brands World Superbikes or the British Grand Prix, our guide will help you prepare.

We’ll even give you hot hints on sorting bargain flights and ferry crossings to enjoy the best Europe has to offers.

Pick up your free eight-page MCN Year Planner with MCN, out Tuesday, December 30. Overseas readers can download the full version of MCN on the day of publication each week by taking out an E-Subscription (follow the link on the right). Find out what events other readers recommend by posting a message on the Discussion boards.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff