Insurance firm backs security scheme

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A new campaign to reduce bike thefts can also get you up to 10% off your insurance with Bikesure.

The Lock It 2 Me scheme encourages you to secure your bike to the lock on another Lock It 2 Me member’s bike when you park up, making it harder for thieves to lift them into a van. And because you’re looping your lock through another, you only have to remove your own chain to ride away.

Insurance firm Bikesure is offering a 5% discount from your annual premium if you’re a member of the scheme. And the saving rises to 10% if you use a Sold Secure lock and chain.

Bikesure manager Robert Balls said:

” We can see that the methods of securing the bike by simply threading the chain through its own wheel are proving ineffective, so we’re rewarding bikers who make an effort to keep their bike intact by fitting Sold Secure products or joining Lock it 2 Me. ”

For more information on the scheme, click here.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff