New cans for the 999

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Remus has launched a replacement pair of cans for the Ducati 999 and 749.

The new Revolution system gets rid of the bulky double exit standard exhaust in favour of a twin can system with more than a passing resemblance to the 998.

The Revolution range of cans also comes with removable baffles. They are supplied road legal with the baffles fixed in but five minutes with a drill lets you remove the baffles giving you a free flowing race system for use on track days.

Remus claims the system can be fitted without the need to alter the fuel injection map with an aftermarket chip. The company claims a 4bhp increase in power at 10,000rpm when fitted to a standard bike, but admits that fitting a chip would probably flatten out the spikes in the curve.

Remus has designed the twin cans to make use of the standard tail light and numberplate hanger making the new system easy to swap in.

The standard alloy can will set you back £804 with the carbon or titanium systems going for a whopping £930.

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