We name best winter kit

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Winter can mean deserted roads and two-wheeled fun, but only if you’ve got the kit to keep you warm.

That’s why MCN, out Tuesday December 30, includes a guide to 12 all-weather trousers and jackets to keep you warm in the worst weather.

The guide includes kit from £200-£650 to suit your budget, and all the gear is used by the MCN staff.

If you’ve got the suit, but still need gloves and boots, we’ve got two full guides available online in the Buying Guides section of Product Reviews. Just follow the links on the right for All Season Gloves and All Season Boots to make sure you stay warm and dry this winter.

The All-Season Jackets and Trousers guide is in MCN, out Tuesday, December 30. To see the previous guides to winter gloves and boots, follow the link on the right. Overseas readers can get the full edition of MCN in a downloadable format each week by taking out an E-Subscription.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff