Sales predicted to rise in 2003

Published: 14 January 2003

Motorcycle market analyst Rob Hobson has predicted sales for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are set to rise in 2003.

Hobson, who works for CAP Motor Research, says that the rise will come from new models due to be introduced this year, and the fact people on two wheels will be exempt from London congestion charging.

Mr Hobson also commented on figures for sales in 2002, released by the Motorcycle Industry Association. He commented, " Many dealers have said that 2002 represented 12 difficult months of trading caused by erratic buying patterns and a booming second-hand market. However, two sectors of the market, the Trail/Enduro and Touring class both performed very well with increases of 42% and 63% respectively. "

Are you ready for an increase in two-wheeled traffic? Do you think it’s good to have more bikes sold, or will this leave bikers with nowhere to park in London. And have you noticed more trail/enduro and touring bikes on the road? Comment on the News board by following the link on the right.