Honda rider, 76, banned for speeding

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Pensioner William Clowe has been banned for a month after a Perth Sherriff Court after admitting he had been speeding at over 100mph. The 76-year-old Honda rider was clocked as he passed an Audi car on the A9 dual carriageway between Perth and Inverness

Clowe claimed he pulled out to overtake an Audi. When the Audi driver accelerated, Clowe increased his speed to complete his overtaking manoeuvre and was clocked at 101mph by Perth police.

Clowe’s solicitor Rosie Scott said: " He was doing 70mph to overtake but the other vehicle increased its speed. He was able to pick up speed to get past and thought it was safer to complete the manoeuvre. "

Scott asked for his previous good record to be taken into account as he had been driving for around half-a-century.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said that the high speed involved made a ban inevitable, and that it could be argued that, " he was in effect racing with this car, which could be considered dangerous driving. " However there was no evidence offered to support this and Clowe was banned from driving for one month and fined £500 for the speeding offence only.

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