MotoGP secrets revealed

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In this week’s MCN, out October 8, we talk to eight of the world’s top racing teams and peal back the layers to find out what secrets lie beneath the latest MotoGP bikes.

We take a look at Rossi’s Honda RC211V, the Ducati Desmosedici and the Yamaha YZR-M1 and reveal all the latest trickery that goes into developing a competitive machine. We also get under the skin of the Aprilia RS3, Proton KR5, Harris WCM, Kawasaki ZX-RR and Suzuki GSV-R to show you just how much work has gone in to each of these prototypes to try and get them on the pace.

Honda reveals that Rossi has been using an electronic steering damper on his RCV similar to the unit that will come as standard on the 2004 Fireblade. The bike also uses a traction control system and deceleration control to keep the back wheel in check when accelerating and braking.

And did you know: Aprilia’s RS3 uses a fly-by-wire system to monitor throttle position, while the Kawaskai ZX-RR engine casings are machined from solid aluminium and take 300-400 hours to mill each set on a CNC machine. Suzuki is the only team in MotoGP with no help from Formula 1 experts, while the Proton KR5 engine is completely designed and assembled in-house from parts made by outside contractors.

For the full story plus interviews with team bosses and exclusive studio photos of all the GP hardware check out this week’s MCN, out October 8.

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By MCN Staff