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Our fast-moving BIKES FOR SALE section has new ads updated to it every hour of the working day. More and more are being booked online all the time to expand the already massive range of hot deals to select from.

And with summer returning to us this weekend, it’s a great time to get out and find yourself an upgrade. It needn’t cost you the earth. For around £3000 we found the great examples listed below. And these are just scratching the surface. Pick BIKES FOR SALE from our main navigation bar and take the first step to making your next biking dream a reality.

At around £3000 today: An Aprilia RS125 with just 280 miles on the clock in the West Midlands is on offer as a private sale for £2850. Fancy something exotic? It means extending the budget a bit but there’s a Bimota YB9SR on a P plate up for £3500. It’s in Nottingham. £3000 will buy you a lot of BMW in Northamptonshire. An R1100RSSE-ABS with 29,000 miles on is up for £2995. It’s on an L-plate.

Going the supermoto route? Try a CCM R30 listed at a dealer at £3349 on a 51 plate.

Three grand will land you a 51-plate Ducati Monster 600 with just 1200 miles on. For a little less you’ll get a Ducati 750SS on a T plate (£2895). And we’ve spotted an 18,000-miler ST2 at £3395 at a dealer advertising in our online ads.

£3200 is the asking price for a Harley XLH883. It’s on an N-plate but in perfect nick (says the owner).

In Cambridge you’ll find a 7000-mile CBR600 on an R plate, owned by a lady and listed at just £2995. Around about the same money will get you a 21,000-mile VFR750 on a P plate.

And there’s a ZZ-R600 " set up for the smaller, sporty rider " according to the seller, Lily. She’s asking £2800 for her 2002 bike. The same money will get you a GPZ500 2002 in Towcester.

There are thousands more to browse through. Registered users can try our advanced search. Anyone can browse our QuickSearch. Go to BIKES FOR SALE and start your search now.

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