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I hope you had as good an Easter as I did. The family was down. Which was nice. But more importantly on the Thursday before Easter I got my hands on my spanking new GSX-R1000.

Ok, so I only got four hours on it in total (two on Good Friday, two on Easter Monday) but what an amazing four hours they were. I’d forgotten how, light, sharp and precise bikes could be after too long on four wheels in the drudgery of winter.

And I’d forgotten how much sheer fun they deliver. Coming out of a tight-ish corner I wound on little more than a small portion of the power the GSX-R has to offer and the front rose just a little and I was laughing out loud.

I say laughing, it was more of a Muttley snigger if I’m honest… developing into a full-on Sid James as the revs rose. And this is while I’m being mechanically sympathetic with a bike which arrived with zero miles on the clock…

Drop us an e-mail with how your riding weekend went. What were the highlights?

Email with Easter Rides in the subject line.

Here’s how it went for Mick Morris… " I am writing to apologise to anyone who was late for Brands yesterday because of an accident on the A20, about a mile and a half from the circuit (about 11am). Yes it was me. I had been filtering past slow moving traffic at approx 25/30 mph, when a car driver decided that he didn’t want to be in the queue and did a u turn right in front of me, knocking me off my bike. I was unconscious for a few minutes and taken to Sidcup hospital.

" Many thanks to the staff at the hospital for their efficient and friendly service and also to the Kent traffic police for their help.

" What really annoys me though is that this accident was not my fault. I was riding my Urban Tiger FireBlade, which was immaculate, with only 6000 miles on the clock. What will the drivers insurance company offer for it? Certainly not what the bike was worth to me.

" Anyway, I was released from the hospital and got home to see the re-runs on Sky. Excellent racing ,but how come those guys don’t get hurt so much as I did, when they are doing over 100mph and I was only doing 25/30. Probably an age thing. "

John Day had an enjoyable, if slightly less eventful, weekend… " I went for a blast with a couple of mates to the Ace on Good Friday and then headed for Southend on Easter Monday with a local group. Fantastic day! Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bikes in one place! I thought race meetings were busy! There were two wheelers everywhere and for nigh on two miles either side of Southend pier there were bikes and scooter as far as the eye could see! Thanks for Southend council being so accommodating. "

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