Bike use is booming

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The number of motorcycles and scooters in use in the UK has grown by 10.4 per cent according to Department for Transport statistics.

The total amount of all traffic has increased from 2002-2004, but no group has seen such a dramatic rise as bikes. Bike sales rose 18.5 per cent (from 11,493 in July 2002, to 13,615 in July 2004) in the same period, too.

This rise is partly down to bikes being exempt from London’s congestion charge – with motorcycle traffic up 20 per cent in the capital. In the same period bike accidents in the capital are down 15 per cent.

More bikes on the roads means more of us that the Government must take notice of.

“These statistics should provoke the Government into action with regards to transport policy,” said Craig Carey-Clinch, Director of the Motor Cycle Industry Association. “Bikes and scooters offer a practical solution to existing problems, especially congestion.”

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff