Born Agains to re-test?

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Should ‘born again bikers’ go through a re-test before being allowed to return to two wheels? If you think they should, how do you define a ‘born again’ biker?

The national road safety charity, Brake, wants to know what us motorcyclists think of the idea of re-tests and refresher courses and how we think they could or should be applied.

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Some of the issues we think are worth considering are:

Is there really a road safety issue with ‘Born Again’ riders at all?

What is a ‘Born Again’ rider? Is it someone who has taken a break of five years from riding? 10 years? 15?

How would the authorities know who is a ‘Born Again’ to force them to take a retest or refresher?

Is the solution to force every road user to take a regular refresher test in all categories of licence they wish to continue to hold (RoSPA makes even Gold-standard Advanced Riders retake the advanced test every three years). That way all motoring standards improve and riders aren’t singled out.

Would ‘Born Agains’ volunteer to attend refresher courses before going back on two wheels if they didn’t have to pay?

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff