Govt slams sports bikes

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Government do gooders want to stop us buying sports bikes – thanks to advice from the people who are meant to look out for us.

The Government Advisory Group on Motorcycling reckons sports bikes attract the ” wrong sort of rider” and want manufacturers to push sales of lower performance all-rounders instead. The report took five years to produce, by people including the British Motorcylists Federation (BMF), the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) and even the Despatch Association – with no-one to specifically represent the huge number of sports bike riders.

The report concludes “Emphasis on the promotion of sports bikes can attract the wrong sort of rider to be conducive to road safety.” Instead, manufacturers and dealers should “engineer the market” and promote softer options like Fazers, Bandits and VFR800s as they are ” better suited to everyday use”.

For more on the government think tank that would like to change the face of biking and minimise sports bikes, see Motor Cycle News, August 11 edition. And let us kno your views on this story, here. Would you like to see more people on all-rounders, or should riders get to make their own choice?

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff