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The latest road safety plans announced by the Government should help the police crack down on dangerous drivers making the roads a much safer place for motorcyclists.

But they also include plans to ban the use of speed camera and speed gun detectors and proposals which could lead to more crackdowns on small numberplates.

The Road Safety bill will give greater powers to police to stamp out drink driving, drivers using mobile phones, and go after people who drive without tax or insurance.

Police will be able to use roadside test evidence to prosecute drunk drivers.

Drivers banned for more than two years will now have to retake their test before they are allowed back out on the road.

The use of automatic numberplate recognition will be stepped up to catch people that drive without insurance or tax. And it is this which could pave the way for more rigorous enforcement on small numberplates.

The courts will get more powers to force bad drivers to take retraining courses and the DVLA will get powers to record the mileage of vehicles to help prevent clocking.

The bill also includes the introduction of variable penalties for speeding offences so the more someone breaks the limit the more they will be punished (see related article, right).

Administrative changes will allow more money to be given to experimental schemes such as one which prevents drivers from starting their car until the have taken a breath test.

Click here to read the full outline of the proposals in the Road Safety bill.

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