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Spotted a diesel spill? Alert the biggest possible audience of fellow riders as quickly as possible by posting on our newly-created Diesel Watch forum.

We’ve already set-up a Theft Watch forum for you to alert Britain’s biggest online bike community to the latest scams or to raise the alarm if your bike gets lifted. And there’s a Speed Watch forum to report camera sites and the like.

The Diesel Watch forum works in the same way. On it you’ll also find advice on who to call to get a diesel spill cleared up, too.

You’ll find all three of these useful discussion areas on the Road Riding board in our Have Your Say forums.

Anyone can read the posts but you have to be one of the 135,000-plus registered users of this site to add your comments.

If you aren’t yet registered, click on the link at the top right of any page.

Click here to go to the Diesel Spills forum

Click here to go to the Theft Watch forum

Click here to go to the Speed Watch forum

Just want to chew the biking cud? Click here to go to our General discussion forum.

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