Cheaper insurance for convicted bikers

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Insurance firm Quoteline Direct is offering a new service to give low quotes to bikers with minor motoring convictions, those who have had accidents, and those under 25.

Quotelines Graham Higgins said, " Bikers with speeding convictions are paying over the odds for their insurance and we think this is unfair. A speeding fine doesn’t necessarily mean someone is reckless, and the fact someone has 3 points on their licence isn’t a true representation of their abilities on a bike. In many cases it’s a matter of luck. "

" Someone who has a few points on their licence may actually be a safer rider as they are monitoring their speed more closely. "

The Ultimatum scheme doesn’t offer internet quotes or phone quotes from computerised information. Instead you’re put into direct contact with an insurance broker dealing in non-standard bike insurance who then negotiates on your behalf with insurers.

For more information, call 0870-4444844. For other insurance deals, visit the Insurance section of here.

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