Government to cut points for speeding

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The tide could finally be turning on the anti-speed fascism that’s seen our roads littered with money-grabbing Gatsos. Home Secretary David Blunkett revealed on Friday that the Government is ready to reduce the points penalties for those who creep over the speed limit.

He is considering dropping the punishment for minor speeding offences from three-points on your licence to just two.

The change wouldn't affect those that ride significantly over the limit but people caught riding marginally faster than they should, say 35mph in a 30mph zone, would get the more lenient treatment.

It is hoped that the move will make people respect the speed limit more and feel less like speeding fines are used to generate revenue for the Government.

The plans come alongside a recently announced review of the location of the nation’s speeding cameras to see whether they are actually sited in accident blackspots rather than where the they will catch the highest number of motorists.

Proposals announced recently by the Conservative party would see penalty points scrapped altogether for speeders caught anywhere other than the most accident-prone locations. Instead riders would be hit with a fine based on how much they were exceeding the limit.

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