Used bike prices set to soar

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Used bike prices are about to rocket – powered by rises in new bike prices and the rush to get back on to two wheels after the worst of the winter weather.

Yamaha has announced increases on their 2004 bikes, including the 2004 R1, which is listed at £9399, up from £8399 in 2003. One reason for this leap is that the 2004 price now includes all on-the-road charges, meaning the price you see is the price you pay. But with these charges totalling around £375, the actual price of the bike has still increased by around £600.

If new bike prices rise the gap between used prices and new prices stretches – allowing private sellers to ask more for their bikes. This, combined with the usual Spring rise in bike demand, could see used bike values increase by as much as 8 per cent – almost three times the rate of inflation.

Which means it’s a great time to buy now – whether privately before prices go up, or if trading-in, because dealers will be keen to buy in stock while prices remain relatively low.

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