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A smaller capacity bike can give you bigger thrills at lower speeds as well as improving your riding. Less power means that corners become all important, and if someone does get away on the straights, you have a ready-made excuse.

You also get cheaper insurance, and what price exclusivity and standing out from the crowd?

Fancy a two-stroke classic? The Yamaha RD500LC was a 500cc V4 race replica, and it's quite rare to find one in standard condition. Even more important is the recent full service this example claims to have. It's a chance to own a piece of history and really get some attention at the local bike meet for £2750. Click here.

The Honda RVF400R is a scaled down version of the legendary RC45. Good examples hold their price well due to the limited supply and the looks are pure racer. The RVF is good for a top speed of around 130mph, but it excels in corners, with better suspension than the earlier NC30. This 1994 version comes with both an original and race can, Spyball alarm and immobiliser and it has been Datatagged. It's also yours for £2600. Click here.

The Suzuki RF400 was imported in limited numbers, and its looks can divide opinions but it can make a great first bike or reliable transport. It's also fairly indistinguishable from the 600cc version, so if you want to hide your smaller capacity, it can make a good choice. There's a 1993 example for £1350. Click here.

Or what about a mini-musclebike for anyone that likes the styling but doesn't fancy the weight of a bigger bike. For £1500, you can grab a 1993 Yamaha XJR400. Click here.

There are hundreds of bikes to choose from in the 125-500cc range. If you spot a great deal online let us know about it by emailing with the link or ad reference number. Find a great ad we've missed and you could even win yourself a small prize.

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