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Training firm BSM has criticised the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) for lacking the resources to properly police the quality of motorcycle training instructors.

The firm claims the DSA has diverted trained personnel from assessing bike instructors due to long waiting lists for car tests, and they rely on a 'good will' system of overtime for the supervision of bike training schools. BSM believe this could contribute to accident figures for motorcyclists.

"There are not enough DSA representatives to properly assess and supervise new bike instructors, " said Mike Lydall, Head of BSM Rider Training. "The standard of training received by those learning to ride is way below par. The DSA lacks the resouces to police the current system let alone any future scheme such as post licence tuition. We believe standards have been diluted since Direct Access Scheme were introduced and these DAS courses are not policed by the DSA".

BSM is calling on the Department of Transport to make additional resources available and is also attempting to establish a self-regulating network of motorcycle training centres across the country.

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