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Police are setting up speed cameras throughout Warwickshire targeted at us.

The force and the local safety camera partnership say it’s to combat the “spiralling” number of motorcycle fatalities on the county’s roads. There were 12 last year – seven so far this.

But this comes at a time when MCN has revealed that up to 70 per cent of bike fatalities are caused by other road users – and that excess speed was associated with just 24% of accidents. See the link, right, for more on that story.

The Warwickshire campaign aims to: “monitor speeds and dangerous driving at danger spots associated with motorcycle collisions”.. which sounds like they might even be on the look out for dodgy drivers too.

But Chief Superintendent Jon Bond, Partnership Chairman clarifies for us: "The majority of riders are responsible road users. However, there is a small minority who don't consider the safety of themselves and other motorists and are placing themselves and others at a serious risk.”

John Burbeck, Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police (a keen motorcyclist, we’re told) added: "We want motorcyclists to enjoy their rides in Warwickshire, but we want them to do so safely and to consider the communities through which they travel. We are asking all motorcyclists to think about their riding skills and watch their speeds for the safety of themselves and all other road users. These joint operations, while taking place at motorcycle accident danger spots, will enforce speed limits for all vehicles and will address other road safety issues."

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