Mobile menace probed

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MCN has investigated the menace of mobile phones and has photographed and shamed drivers who continue to flout the law.

In three hours we saw 39 drivers in two counties using hand-held mobiles while on the move. And in the June 30 issue of MCN we ask: Why can’t the police do the same?

Read the full story in MCN, but in the meantime here are some useful and interesting mobile-phone and speeding-related comparisons…

14.6% Percentage of accidents caused by excessive speed according to the TRL.

16% Percentage caused by inattention, according to the same report.

4 The factory by which mobile phone use increases the likelihood of an accident, according to the DfT

86 Number of fixed penalties for driving while on the phone issued by Northants police in the last two years. 45,000 Number of speeding fixed penalities issued in the same time.

1 Number of press statements issued by Northants police on mobile phones since the ban.

37 Number of press statements on speeding issued by the same force in the same period.

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