OAP banned for speedtrap warning

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Magistrates have banned a 71-year-old from driving after he stood by the side of the road warning drivers of a speed trap.

Pensioner Stuart Harding was on the A325 near Farnborough holding a sign reading "Speed Trap - 300 yards ahead". He had previously warned drivers to slow down due to the numbers attending a local car boot fair. Sgt Sarah Cashman confiscated his sign and cautioned him.

Harding pleaded not guilty, but Magistrates convicted him of 'wilfully obstructing a constable in the execution of his duty'. After his conviction the reitred instrument maker said he would appeal, and the clerk of the court pointed out to magistrates that unless the ban was suspended it would run its course before the appeal was heard. But magistrates made his ban effective immediately and ordered him to pay £364 in costs.

"I have been convicted of breaking the law because I was trying to stop others from doing so. It is totally unjust," said Harding. "It seems to be more about raising revenue than road safety. I'm just so angry about the driving ban. It was totally uncalled for because this wasn't a motoring offence."

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff