'You're all crap riders'

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GMTV’s Fiona Phillips is the latest ‘celebrity’ to jump on the anti-biking bandwagon.

First Jeremy Clarkson wrote about stringing wires across roads to tackle motorcyclists, then BAND – a regional campaign group – wheeled-out the likes of Star Trek and X-Men actor Patrick Stewart to lead an anti-bike charge.

Now Eamonn Holmes sofa-sidekick has asked motorcyclists in her Mirror column: “Why are you all such crap drivers?”

She went on: “Overtaking on the inside is illegal, cutting people up on the motorway is dangerous, and if I'm indicating to turn right you're not supposed to overtake me. And do you have to tailgate me with your full beam on?

“Oh, if you spot me on the road after this, it won't be me. It's someone disguised as me.”

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Here's how some of our users have responded:

Krazykyri: "If all you dozy drivers got out of the right-hand lane instead of clinging to the barriers like some sort of safety blanker, we wouldn't have to go up the inside!"

kipper: "Our lights are on dear, to stop siller cows like you, and Clarkson, from running into us."

Rossival: "More accidents on motorways are caused by bad car/van drivers than anyone riding motorcycles."

douggy: "Go and sit your test again - preferably your bike test and hopefully you'll realise how dumb you sound."

Stillster: "When I borrow my girlfriend's Punto about 99% of the time it is cars like BMWs that are trying to push me off the road. So why don't these idiots try banning BMWs?"

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