3pm-5pm is bike crash danger time

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If you’re a bit fed up about being stuck behind a desk on a decent afternoon, take comfort from the fact that you’re avoiding the dodgiest part of the day to be out on a bike. Cumbria safety campaigners say the majority of accidents involving bikes happen in the county from 3-5pm.

Kevin Tea, of Cumbria Safety Cameras, said: "Riders often have an early start and do some hard riding before stopping for lunch. The comes the Siesta Syndrome, (post lunch fatigue) and a drop in concentration seems the most likely reason for accidents to soar in the afternoons,"

Tea added: "All the CSC management team are current or former bikers. We have identified some significant factors in motorcycle accidents - which are mirrored in other areas of the country - and want to present them in a non-finger-wagging manner. That's all we can do. It is up to individuals to either bear these in mind or ignore them. "

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