Cops issue red cards for foul riding

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Police are launching a footy ref-style scheme to hand out red and yellow cards to riders – instead of prosecutions.

Thames Valley, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and the Metropolitan police forces are taking part in the joint initiative. Red or yellow cards will be given to riders stopped by police. The yellow card is for minor offences. You’ll get advice, but not a prosecution.

A spokesman said: " This would usually be given for moves in which the rider could get into danger, but with guidance could amend their behavior and remain safe. The aim of the yellow card is to encourage riders to seek further training through approved training bodies. "

But the red card is a proper sending off. If you get one of them you get the choice of going on a rider improvement course… or prosecution.

Choose the course and you don’t have to pay a fine or get points on your licence. Instead you attend a one day course of theory and practical riding. You do have to pay for that.

The red and yellow card scheme will be used in both routine and targeted police patrols – at the officers’ discretion (so don’t expect a red card for 180mph on the M1…)

Police will be focusing on popular biking roads, paying particular attention to those identified as ‘collision hot spots’ or which have a high offending rate.

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