Hottest used bike deals of the moment

Published: 03 March 2004

We’ve been browsing our BIKES FOR SALE section to keep you up to date on how the used bike market is shaping up and the good news for sports bike fans is that bikes that may have once seemed out of reach have become affordable this Spring.

An R1 for under £3700? They’re about. An S-reg ZX-9R for £3200? It’s within the realms of possibility. If your tastes are a bit more exotic an early 916 can now be had for under £4500. And if you don’t want to spend more than £3000… you’ll get a lot of Honda FireStorm for that. Looking for something smaller? We found a ZXR400 for £1400, VFR400s for £2300 and an FZR400RR for £2195.

But could this be the bargain of the moment? A FireBlade for £1400? It’s a 1994 L reg track bike, complete with V5 document. Search using Make: Honda, Model: CBR900 to find it for yourself. Or just have a browse and see what takes your fancy. Click here.

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