Clarkson offends with attack on 'noisy' riders

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Bike hater Jeremy Clarkson has succeeded in winding up riders around the country with an ill-informed attack on us in his Sunday Times column. In a general rant against noise he wrote: " What I cannot abide are people whose hobbies are solely designed to make a noise. I?m talking about born-again motorbikers who come to the countryside on a sunny Sunday specifically to make as much racket as possible. One day I will silence them by stretching a piece of cheese wire across the road. " Funnily enough he doesn?t single out the boombox boy racers and their loud pipes. Perhaps the wheel at each corner is blinker enough? Users of this site are already saying Clarkson has gone too far with his cheese-wire threat. Longshlong said on our news board: " All it takes is somer nutter from the same ward as you to actually believe you are condoning this action and we have a murder on our hands, with you as the instigator. " While some appreciate Clarkson is joking about the cheesewire, googs, added: " many a true word spoken in jest. Maybe you'll recall recently a biker who was nearly decapitated by a careless farmer who left a wire strung across the road. I also ride mountain bikes and there have been many instances of ramblers stringing wire across trails (where riders are allowed to ride mind you!) to catch riders. Its not funny and should not appear in the national press. " You can read his full column at: Friendly/0,,1-1501-1111575,00.html You have to be a registered user of their site to read it.

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