Ride in the tyre tracks of legends

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Want to be able to enjoy your bike to the full without the fear of a Gatso flash or a Metro-driving pensioner turning into your path? It’s time you considered a track day.

We’ve got several coming up and at least one should be right up your street. Our MCN track day at Brands Hatch on May 28 is close to sold out in the intermediate and advanced classes. But there’s room for more ‘novices’. So if you haven’t tried the track before, or you’re still relatively new to its joys, here’s an opportunity to ride the Brands Hatch GP circuit and follow in the tyre-tracks of legends.

You won’t get hassled by super-quick experienced circuit riders. You won’t have to watch out for mad all-over-the-shop riders. You’ll get expert advice and be riding with people of similar experience to your own. You’ll be encouraged to ride at your own pace, learn the lines and the braking points and come away better equipped for road riding, too.

The day costs £265 and you can book by calling 0870 850 5013 now.

There are also places left for the £99 May 31 Bank Holiday track day at Cadwell Park and for our £99 track day on June 2 at Snetterton.

Book any of our track days on 0870 850 5013.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff