The real speed menaces revealed

Car and van drivers are the greatest offenders when it comes to breaking the speed limit on 30mph roads – the very roads which carry greatest risk – according to figures released by the Department for Transport.

The Government show the speeds at which motorists choose to drive in free-flow conditions. 58 per cent of car drivers broke 30mph limits, 59 per cent of van drivers did likewise. The figure for riders and articulated lorry drivers were lower – at around 54 per cent for each.

But we can’t start pointing the finger just yet… on 40mph roads only 10 per cent of car drivers exceeded 45mph while 19 per cent of riders did.

On dual carriageway with 60mph limits car drivers and riders come out even with 50 per cent exceeding our 70mph limits. But a massive 87 per cent of lorry drivers drove faster than their 50 mph limit.

Overall, the DfR says: " The latest figures show that the proportion of motorists exceeding the speed limit in 2003 hardly changed from 2002 although driving in excess of the speed limit remains at a high level on all types of road. "

We guess that must mean speed cameras have made no difference to driver behaviour, despite the huge amount of tickets issued. Maybe it’s time for the Government to think a little more creatively?

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff