Doc's cure for biking ills

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BMF boss Leon Mannings is now Dr Mannings – with a PhD in Transport Policy.

Dr Mannings thought that if he wanted to be taken seriously by Government, his new qualification would prove that he knew what he was on about.

The BMF Chairman said: “My research has shown that despite the motorcycling lobby’s efforts, biking has become marginalised and I’m fed up with the culture of motorcyclists being killed, maimed and then blamed.

“As far as I’m concerned, the time has come for politicians to start doing something to address the issues instead of just bleating about accident statistics – after all we pay their wages just as much as other road users do!”

“I want Government to give riders in Britain the positive attention and protection they deserve.

“They can start by improving road maintenance, letting us use bus lanes and provide far more bike parking spaces. London in particular has seen a boom in motorcycle use but no increase in parking provision. It seems that the authorities are in denial”.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff