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One in ten drivers have ended up in a car accident due to focusing too intently on the behaviour of bad drivers, according to Privilege Insurance.

A survey by the firm showed 44 per cent of drivers have also come close to colliding with another vehicle as they concentrated on the bad driving of other motorists.

The study also identifed the signs self-confessed careful drivers use to identify a potential reckless driver. The signs are:


Ignoring pedestrian crossings

Overtaking on the inside lane

Straddling lanes

No indications when turning/changing lane

No lights in poor conditions

Cutting corners tightly/Driving over hatched areas

Braking hard and fast

Constantly changing speed

Not reading traffic flows

Not only can you use the list above to spot bad drivers, but if you wonder why the car driver behind looks upset, you might have an idea why.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff