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Don’t let the cold and wet put you off bikes. Even if you don’t want to ride throught the winter now is the perfect time to bag a bargain and use the down time to totally trick it up in time for next season.

Think of all the money you’d spend if you rode your bike for the next few months then imagine how many performance goodies that could get you. By the time the sun returns you’ll have a serious bit of bling to show off at your local meet.

Check out our BIKES FOR SALE section and there are a whole load of bikes that would make a perfect blank canvas and still leave you with enough change for a few more nice parts.

This 2004 Kawasaki ZX-6R is still in perfect condition after doing only 2600 miles and has just dropped in price to £4999.

This Suzuki GSX-R1000 is a 2003 model with only 2425 miles on it and already comes fitted with a Meta alarm and crash mushrooms for just £5995. And there is very little difference from the 2004 model.

A totally standard 2004 Honda CBR600RR can be had for the same money but with only 870 miles on it has hardly been ridden.

This Nastro Azzurro Rossi rep Honda CBR600FS was registered in 2003 and has only done 4100 miles. With the paint work already looking good you’ll have even more to spend on the raft of goodies still available for the FS.

If your feeling a little more adventurous this 2004 Yamaha R1 has been crashed but the ad claims it is only the front fairing that is damaged. It’s up for £4399, which would leave plenty of money to do it up and have a very trick machine for less than the price of a complete bike. Just make sure the crash damage isn’t more serious than claimed.

Or, if you really can’t be arsed with all that, this Ducati 916 has already got a load of fancy parts including carbon fibre single seat conversion, front fender, heel plates, and tank panels. It is only up for £5999 so you could take it even further if you anted to.

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