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Isle of Man tourism minister David Cretney is saying 'No' to speed limits on the island - and has been scathing in his attack on the UK's use of speed cameras.

He has responded to proposals for a general speed limit restriction on the home of the TT by calling for action to tackle bad driving instead.

And he added: "Speed cameras have been abused by authorities elsewhere and, despite denials, appear by the positioning in non-logical locations, to be there principally as a revenue earner. Indeed the reduction in fatalities in the UK since their introduction has been disappointing." He says speed cameras should only be use in urban locations on the island.

But he also urges those coming to the TT to ride that if they wish to ride the course very quickly they should apply for a race licence and take part.

His comments come in an official response to the island's Department of Transport consultation on the future of its roads.

Cretney is calling on the Department to give more support to motorcyclists, encouraging ride-to-work with the provision of bike parking spaces.

He said: "We need to significantly improve driver awareness of riders. Some roads are a cause for concern in terms of lack of maintenance or diesel spillages."

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