Forum users' rideout

1 of 1 forum users staged the first get-together of Christmas at the Red Lion at Builth Wells.

The next happens in London on the evening of Thursday (Dec 15) and you'll find details about that when you CLICK HERE

The first was organised by Have Your Say forums regular 'Peter Rabbit'. Here's his report. The pictures are by Josh Chapman.

Rabbit writes: "Well, after watching the various forums on here for the past few years and the resulting moans that the winter meet was always in London, this year I thought – well why not do something about it?

"I posted the idea of a winter ride out in the West on the forum with the hope someone might take me up on a meet up… A few expressed interest and then the flag was hoisted by xxvbloke.

"The weather leading up to the get together was grim snow sleet ice etc… and then a brief respite… not exactly sun, but at least it was intermittent rain!

"The idea was for xxvbloke, GezT, myself and others to meet at the West End Café in Llandovery, and then ride on via Builth Wells to the Red Lion pub in Llanfihangel nant Melan on the A44 to collect anyone staying there. Then on to the Little Chef on the A49 south of Leominster to meet those coming in from the East. Back then to the Red Lion where xxvbloke had arranged for us to have a lunch stop.

"I left home around 8:45 to meet Paul, a friend who lives locally at 9:00. We set off, due East, into the sun – and it was cold with the early mist! The sun flashing from open country to tree lined valley so quickly my new reactive visor insert couldn’t react in time.

"The West End café was most welcome as Paul & I settled into our first coffees of the day. xxvbloke arrived next followed shortly by GezT who had ridden down from Cheshire so nonchalantly he may as well have ridden across town. After a round of tea and a chat, we saddled up to head towards the Red Lion to see if anyone was waiting to pick up the meet from there.

"With the overnighters not staying at the Red Lion we nipped in to arrange lunch, meeting Kwak6ftrider who was watching a movie (?) in his car having driven from Cambridge for the meet up – top man (car or not that’s dedication to the cause). As it was raining he decided to stay at the pub rather than join us on the sprint over to the LC (we were running a bit late by now).

"We quickly shot over to LC, Leominster to meet up with Scary, BRS, BBB, Sprint Jnr, KenTucky, Stunty, Mrs Stunty and Obewan.

"Given the murky weather we took the direct ride back to the Red Lion for a crackin’ Sunday lunch.

"We had time to tell a few stories, laugh about life on the forum, for Mr & Mrs Stunty to adopt a son (caused by red/orange colour blindness by xxvbloke; see forum), and discuss the next meet –Wabbit’s Easter Egg hunt?

"Everyone seemed to make a safe journey home but Paul had a lowside close to home – pride dented more than the bike as he had previously noted his expertise on scramblers!

"Thanks to all that made it given the time of year and the weather."

Names to faces: Forum users shown in the pub, picture right: LHS (near to far): BRS, GezT, xxvbloke, Mrs Stunty, Stunty, Kentucky.

RHS (near to far): Sprint Jnr, Scarey, BBB, Obewan, Wabbit, Kwak6ft, Paul

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