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You could give someone the chance to improve their riding this Christmas with the introduction of Bikesafe vouchers.

The scheme has been introduced by Bikesafe in North Wales to encourage more people to take the offer of learning better riding techniques. Each voucher costs £50, and covers the cost of a day’s tuition.

The scheme currently applies to bookings for the North Wales scheme, run from force headquarters at Colwyn Bay, but if you’d be interested in something similar at a Bikesafe scheme closer to where you live, it’s likely the National co-ordinators will be able to help you out.

Booking a day follows the usual procedure, but you’ll get a voucher sent to you, so that you’re able to hand something over on Christmas day.

To find out more details about Bikesafe, click here. (external site), and for the North Wales scheme, click here. BikeSafe schedules run through 2006.

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