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Government Transport secretary Alistair Darling has announced wide-ranging changes to the way speed camera revenue is used which could signal a massive reduction in the used of the yellow boxes.

Currently funds generated by speed camera fines can only be used to add more speed cameras, but under the new changes, which take effect in 2007, the money would instead be used to fund wider road safety schemes such as Bike Safe or road layout improvements.

Darling said the plans were aimed at making authorities think about alternative road-safety measures, rather than just relying on speed cameras, which were effectively free.

“I want cameras to be linked more closely to wider road safety. That is why I am increasing the amount of money available for spending on road safety, giving them a new fund of £110 million. In some places cameras will still be the solution, and can be funded through this money. In other places there will be alternative solutions which this funding can cover.”

Darling also ordered a nationwide review of speed limits on A and B roads by 2011 and new requirements to improve the signposting for cameras.

The announcment was made alongside a publication of the report in to the fourth year of the Safety Camera Partnership scheme, which, although widely supporting the use of cameras, did admit that their effect on casulaty reduction was far less significant than previously stated. Click the link on the right to read the full story.

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