Egg run in jeopardy

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One of the UK’s biggest annual charity bike runs looks set to be strangled by red tape.

Egg Run organisers claim they will need to raise £40,000 to meet police and council safety demands – leaving next-to-nothing going to charity. They say the run is virtually finished.

Safety marshal training, complete registration of all bikers taking part and council fees for road closures account for the sprialling costs.

Committee member Jacqui Brereton said the organisers were bitterly disappointed but that there was little that could be done.

The 5000-rider-strong egg run had to be scrapped last Easter. Communication difficulties meant organisers were ill-prepared for the new safety conditions imposed by the local authorities.

Police say they would make no charges for their role in the run and Wirral council is claiming its road closure fees amount to around £2000.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff