New bid for safer roads

Published: 22 July 2005

Bike safety is improving faster than any other category of private transport with casualties down 10% in 2004 – and deaths among motorcyclists down 16%.

But the bike industry isn’t resting on its laurels. The MCI (Motor Cycle Industry Assocation) has launched a new safety strategy, which includes:

A call for Government funding for Bikesafe.

The demand that the UK Government resists European proposals to introduce a new rider licensing regime which discriminates against novice motorcyclists by raising ages of access to motorcycles and significantly increasing the cost of gaining a licence.

Support for the Government placing priority on implementing its ground breaking National Motorcycle Strategy.

The MCI’s Craig Carey-Clinch, said: "The industry's new safety strategy represents a step forward in the motorcycle industry's commitment to safer roads for motorcyclists.

"We now call on Government to support the kind of actions which will allow motorcycling opportunities as both a leisure activity and an alternative to the car to be explored in a safer environment."

Prime Minister Tony Blair told MCN he would look at new ways of funding Bikesafe when we met at Downing Street just before this year’s general election (see link, right)